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You’re Invited to Share Your Insights

We are interested in the opinions of Meeting Professionals like you in order to develop products and services that will help enhance the services you offer your clients.

We are inviting you to join an online opinion panel designed exclusively for Meeting Professionals. In this panel, you and many of your colleagues will be asked to voice your opinions on key issues and services relevant to the Meeting Industry. Examples of potential areas of interest include new technology, new or established services, hotel layouts and designs, etc. This information will be provided to our clients who develop products and services for Meeting Professionals. Information gathered will be confidential and analyzed as a group. No one will identify you with specific answers you have given or specifically target you for marketing via this panel. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Exclusive Benefits for Panel Members

Unlike other information forums for meeting professionals, you will have access to some of the information learned through these surveys. In return for your time in answering various surveys, you will receive proprietary reports on specific information that is important to you and your colleagues. We believe this learning will be useful to you in gauging how your services fit within the industry and in identifying further opportunities for your business. These reports will be exclusive to panel participants. Only those who participate in the Meeting Professional Insights panel or clients commissioning studies on the panel will have access to this information. RECENT STUDIES

A review of information available to the profession reveals a real gap of information in what Meeting Professionals really think about services or want in services oriented to the industry. It occurred to us that Meeting Professionals like you may be interested in learning about industry trends, norms and the opinions of other professionals to enable you to fine tune your services or discover new opportunities.

The Meeting Professional Insights Team

We are uniquely qualified in establishing this new panel as we offer complementary expertise in the travel and leisure entertainment categories, have extensive experience in new concept studies, utilize the premiere online resource platform, and are experienced in conducting studies for many companies in the travel & tourism category. Our goal is to help our clients and Panel members “turn research into strategic action.”

Privacy Policy

Meeting Professional Research subscribes to the highest standards of the market research industry as delineated by CASSRO, ESOMAR and the Advertising Research Foundation. We fervently uphold the industry rules governing absolute privacy and use of personal information. Meeting Professional Research strives to uphold the public's trust in every aspect of conducting business.

When you participate as a panel member your privacy is assured.

• We will not make any personal information of our panel members available to anyone.

• We will never try to sell you anything - that is not our business.

• We will never sell your name to anyone else who might want to sell you anything.

• Your individual responses to surveys will be kept confidential and will never be linked to your personal identifying information.

• Your decisions about participating in a study, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

Contact Information

We welcome your questions and suggestions. For more information, please contact us at

Recent Study Highlights

As a “thank you” to our panel members for your ongoing participation, we are providing exclusive highlights below of recently conducted studies.   Simply click on the link to view each report.  We will continue to add new study highlights over time, so please check back.

>> Key Issues Impacting the Meetings Industry (PDF 108KB)